SMART-TD Leaders take to the UAW picket line at a Jeep plant in Toledo, OH.

October 9, 2023

From October 3-6 SMART-TD held a Regional Training Seminar in Toledo, Ohio featuring classes to sharpen the skills of Local Chairs, Presidents, Legislative Representatives, Secretaries, and Treasurers.  The four days of coursework were packed with information and learning opportunities on all four days of the event.

But even though the schedule of classes was intense, the attending officers made sure to find time to support our UAW brothers and sisters holding the line at the nearby Stellantis-owned Stickney Plant that manufactures Jeep Gladiators in Toledo.

Through rain, shine, day, and night, SMART-TD members were shoulder to shoulder with Toledo UAW Local #12, from Monday the 2nd through Friday the 6th. TD President Jeremy Ferguson himself was on the line letting the UAW workers know they have the support SMART-TD and the labor movement on the whole.

“As their work action stretches on, these men and women will need all of the support they can get.  Our members can help by getting food to their picket lines or by donating to their strike fund.” Ferguson said Friday as he walked the line at the Toledo Jeep plant.  He went on to add, “On a personal note, these brothers and sisters of ours need firewood. As the weather is turning colder in places like Toledo, and Detroit, these guys will need to keep the burn barrels going all night. It won’t be long before they’re going to need them going 24/7. I will begin the effort on this by buying a couple of truckloads of firewood and working with SMART-TD’s Toledo area locals (1529, and 002) to get it delivered to the UAW local 12 members at Toledo’s Jeep plant.”