The trustees of the SMART Discipline Income Protection Program (DIPP) are pleased to announce additional improvements to the program in addition to the reduction of assessments that take effect Aug. 1.

Due to the strong health of the program and positive claims experiences reported, trustees have elected to take the measure of eliminating the graduated duration of coverage (benefit days) structure of the program that had been based on the participants active months in the plan.

This means that, beginning Aug. 1, all enrollees in DIPP, new and continuing, regardless of their period of participation (months), will receive 365-day coverage for covered incidents. It should be noted that any claims with an incident date prior to Aug. 1 will be paid out under the plan rules prior to this change.

Additionally, participants electing to increase their benefit level no longer need to wait 12 months from their last increase. Increases are now effective on the first day of the month following 90 days after the increase is received by the DIPP office.

This improvement, paired with the 25-cent reduction in assessments announced in May, is another reason why the SMART DIPP leads the way in providing value and protection to its membership and the nation’s largest rail labor union.

More information, including the SMART DIPP Summary Plan Description reflecting these changes, is available via the SMART website.

SMART DIPP Trustees are General President Michael Coleman, General Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Powell and SMART Transportation Division President Jeremy Ferguson.

SMART Transportation Division and the Trustees of the Discipline Income Protection Program (DIPP) are pleased to announce a reduction in monthly assessments.

Effective Oct. 1, 2022, the monthly assessment for DIPP participants will be reduced from 81 cents to 75 cents per $1 of daily benefit. DIPP coverage ranges from $6 to $250 per day, ensuring that a participant covered by the DIPP program who is suspended, dismissed or removed from service by a carrier for alleged violation of rules or operating procedures will continue to receive income.

Participants in the DIPP also have the added flexibility of electing to increase their benefit level or to modify their coverage at any time by submitting the appropriate form to the Transportation Division office.

The new Schedule of Benefits can be viewed here as a PDF.

This announcement is informational, and no action is required on the part of plan participants at this time. The reduction in assessments will be communicated to Local Treasurers so that the necessary changes to current participants’ payroll deductions are made in a timely manner before Oct. 1.

DIPP trustees are SMART General President Joseph Sellers Jr., SMART General Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Powell and SMART-TD President Jeremy R. Ferguson.

For more information on DIPP, visit the SMART website or email for further details.