safety sign; safety; signA safety advisory on autorack cars has been issued by the Association of American Railroads.

Some of these cars have been found to have cut convenience handles, ladder rungs and/or fasteners missing from these devices.

Convenience handles are those handles mounted on end doors, sides of autorack cars or the underside of the roof canopy, and are used by workers when entering and exiting autoracks. Some autoracks have been found with multiple handles cut and others with only one cut handle. The cuts have all been a very fine line smooth cut that is difficult to see without careful inspection.

Ladder rungs have been reported cut at the bottom of the ladder and some at the top of the ladder.

Most of the missing fasteners have been from the convenience handle on the underside of the roof panel.

Workers are advised to make a thorough visual inspection of all convenience handles, steps, ladder rungs, grab handles and other hand holds prior to use.

Upon coming in contact with any cars with these problems, the car initial and number, location, date and other pertinent information should be provided supervisors.