Ballots have been sent out to all eligible SMART-TD members for voting on the 2022 National Rail Tentative Agreement. A PDF synopsis of the Tentative Agreement can be found here, and a full PDF copy of the Tentative Agreement can be found here.

As required by SMART Constitution Article 21B, Section 91, ballots were mailed via USPS first class mail to all eligible members at their last known address. Over the next several days, members will begin receiving ballot packages in standard #10 size envelopes containing information about the 2022 Tentative Agreement, a unique 12-digit access code and detailed instructions for casting telephonic votes using the BallotPoint election services voting system.

Voting on the 2022 Tentative Agreement closes on Sunday, November 20, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Tabulation will occur and results will be announced on Monday, November 21.

To be eligible to vote, members must be employed by a carrier that is fully involved in national handling, and they must be actively working in one of the crafts covered by the tentative agreement (conductor, engine service, brakeman, yardman or yardmaster). Members who are employed by carriers that are partially subject to national handling (i.e., H&W only, or H&W and wages only) and members who are not working for any reason including sickness, disability, furlough, suspension and dismissal (commonly referred to as “E-49” members) are not eligible to vote.

If you are a SMART-TD member who meets the above eligibility requirements and you have not received your ballot by the week of November 7, you may contact the SMART-TD office by emailing, or by calling (216) 227-5424. In doing so, please provide your full name, home address, last 4 digits of your Social Security number and date of birth. Once your identity and eligibility are confirmed, you will be provided with a telephone number and a unique 12-digit access code to cast your vote.


ABOVE: Video from SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson and BLET President Dennis Pierce explaining the National Rail Tentative Agreement.

Timeline showing the development of the National Tentative Agreement (PDF).

Voting packages for the tentative national rail contract were mailed Friday, Aug. 12, to UTU members eligible to vote.

The balloting period will extend for 21 days to 4 p.m., Eastern time, Friday, Sept. 2.

Voting will be by craft under the craft-autonomy provisions of the UTU Constitution. Crafts voting will be brakeman, conductor, engineer, fireman, yardman and yardmaster.

Members will vote based on the craft in which they worked on the day previous to ballots being mailed.

Voting packages provide instructions on how to cast ballots by telephone.

Votes will be tabulated by BallotPoint, which will report the results to the International. Results will be posted at when received by BallotPoint, which is expected the day voting is closed.

Results will be based on valid ballots cast. 

To stay current on news relating to the tentative national rail contract, visit and click on the “National Rail Contract” link at the bottom right corner of the home page.