UTU-represented trainmen and engineers on Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad have overwhelmingly ratified a new five-year agreement.

The contract provides for wage increases with full back pay, an incentive compensation plan with an opt-out provision allowing for additional wage increases,  improved working conditions, special allowances, overtime, holiday rules and a seniority maintenance provision.
UTU International Vice President Dave Wier, who assisted with the negotiations, congratulated General Chairperson Joe Newsom, Local 965 Vice Local Chairperson Bobby Taylor and Local 965 Vice Local Chairperson Robert D. Mahan for “the outstanding effort put forth in negotiating an agreement with substantial improvements in wages and working conditions. The wage increases coupled with the quarterly incentive payments provide the membership with outstanding pay increases.”  
Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad, a RailAmerica property headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a complex switching terminal railroad made up of a conglomeration of spurs and industrial leads in the Dallas and North Dallas area. It operates 337 miles of rail line in the Dallas and North Dallas area, using a combination of owned and leased lines and trackage rights, and connects with BNSF, Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific.