metlifeActive and retired railroad employees covered under The Railroad Employees’ National Health and Welfare Plan or The NRC/UTU Health and Welfare Plan may be eligible for life and accidental death and Dismemberment benefits from MetLife.

For eligible active employees, the death benefit is in most cases $20,000, and there may be an additional AD&D benefit that could pay up to $16,000. For eligible retired employees, the death benefit is $2,000.

Most employees filled out a designated beneficiary form when they began work for a participating railroad and MetLife urges employees and retirees to keep this form with your other important papers. If you need to update your beneficiary form, or if there is doubt as to whom you designated, it is recommended that you complete a new form and send it to MetLife.

A beneficiary form, as well as a copy of the full summary plan description book, can be found at There is a direct link to that web page from Hovering over the “Healthcare” tab on the UTU home page will provide you with a drop down menu for the Railroad Information Depot.

You can also obtain information about this benefit by calling MetLife toll-free at (800) 310-7770.

This is a very important benefit for all eligible active and retired railroad employees covered under the national health and welfare plans, although many employees, especially retired employees, may not be fully aware of it. We urge you to post this notice at appropriate work locations on the property and remind all retirees with whom you may come in contact that they should contact MetLife to inquire about their eligibilty for the $2,000 death benefit.