Anthony Simon, general chairperson on Long Island Rail Road, has been elected to a four-year term as chairperson of District 1 of the UTU’s Association of General Chairpersons.

District 1 is made up of some 190 railroad general chairpersons. Its purpose is to formulate concerted movements relating to wages, rules and working conditions of transportation service employees represented by the UTU.

Simon succeeds BNSF General Chairperson Randy Knutson (GO 245).

Simon, a member of Local 645, Babylon, N.Y., began his railroad career on LIRR in 1990. He was promoted to conductor in 1993.

He became interested in the affairs of his union and was elected Local 645 secretary in 1998, local secretary & treasurer in 2000, and general chairperson in 2007. He was re-elected Long Island Rail Road general chairperson by acclamation in 2011.