caduceusThe lifetime maximum benefit for the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit (ERMA or GA-46000) Plan will increase from $151,600 to $157,800 beginning Jan. 1, 2017.
At the end of 2001, Labor and Management had agreed on various procedures to administer the annual changes in the amount of the lifetime maximum benefit under the ERMA Plan.
In conjunction with the formula established in 2001, a new lifetime maximum was calculated by utilizing the October 2016 consumer price index (CPI) data for Hospital and Related Services and Physician Services. The result is a lifetime maximum for 2017 of $157,800.
For individuals who have reached the lifetime maximum, the incremental maximum available is applied to eligible expenses submitted for dates of service on or after the effective date of the new maximum. For 2017, this amount will be $6,200.
This change will apply to all railroads and crafts participating in ERMA.