Vice Local Chairperson and Legislative Rep. Glen E. Johnson has been elevated to the position of director of the SMART Transportation Division’s Human Rights Committee following the retirement of former director Frank Hickman Aug. 31.


A member of Local 937 at Mart, Texas, Johnson hired out with Union Pacific in September 1978 and holds seniority as a conductor and brakeman.

Johnson was originally appointed as a coordinator to the Human Rights Committee by Transportation Division President Mike Futhey in 2010. He has already worked to save dozens of members’ jobs since taking on that position.

Aside from his current local office positions, Johnson also serves as local delegate and legislative chairperson of the Texas State Legislative Board. He has also served his local in the past as secretary & treasurer and chairperson. He brings more than three decades of working railroad experience to his newest position.


The UTU established the position of human rights coordinator in February 2000 as part of a broad-based effort to educate UTU members and employers and to promote awareness of the advantages of diversity in the UTU and in society.

A team of UTU members and UTU International employees was chosen to make up the UTU’s Human Rights Committee to ensure that every voice within the organization is heard and respected.

The other members of the committee are Robert Gonzalez (1563), Billy Moye (1971), David Stinsman (1594), Samantha Taylor (1933), Jesse Turner (1290) and Transportation Division employee Barbara Bankston.