FEC LogoCSX Transportation General Committee of Adjustment GO 851 has reached two new collective bargaining agreements with Florida East Coast Railway (FECR). One agreement covering conductors, engineers, and trainmen; a second covering yardmasters. Both five-year agreements were signed June 18, 2015, and are retroactive to 2013. Local 903 of Jacksonville, Fla., and Local 1138 of Miami are affected by the agreements.
The agreements were a long-time coming with the bargaining process having begun 2.5 years ago. The National Mediation Board (NMB) was invoked and NMB Mediator Victoria Gray stepped in to guide the mediation.
Both agreements protect work rules, wages, and healthcare for both train and engine members and yardmasters. The agreements include retroactive pay to 2013 with wage increases totaling 13 percent each.
“This was a team effort involving former Vice President Robert Kerley, Vice President John Lesniewski, Vice General Chairperson Joe Bennett, FECR Assistant General Chairperson Jim Bush (Local 903), Local Chairperson Jim McCorkle (Local 1138) and Local Chairperson Eddie Guillen (Local 1138),” GO 851 General Chairperson John Whitaker said.
FECR operates between Jacksonville, Fla., and Miami. GO 851 represents approximately 200 employees on the property.

General Committee of Adjustment GO 851 General Chairperson John D. Whitaker III reports that Assistant General Chairperson Ben Davis has resigned his position.

While he remains an active CSXT employee, Davis will continue to serve the SMART Transportation Division general committee and his local training and mentoring new Assistant General Chairperson Ray Hudnall of Local 903 at Jacksonville, Fla., and new Local 1221 Chairperson Chris Whidden.

Davis, chairperson for Local 1221 at Tampa, Fla., served as local secretary & treasurer of his local for 10 years, chairperson as 27 years and assistant general chairperson for 14 years.

“Brother Davis has been an anchor in this organization for many years and Brothers Hudnall and Whidden both feel extremely fortunate to be able to rely on Ben for counsel and advice,” Whitaker said.

“This type of unselfish act personifies Brother Davis’ character, always placing the organization ahead of himself. He is one of the hardest working individuals in this union due to his love and belief in the SMART Transportation Division and its membership. His knowledge in so many areas will be sorely missed. We wish Ben and his wife, Paula, all the best.”

“In that vein, we would like to welcome Brothers Whidden and Hudnall on board.”