CSX CEO E. Hunter Harrison, 73, has died just two days after CSX announced that he was going on medical leave due to complications from an illness.
CSX’s chairman of the board of directors, Edward J. Kelly III said on behalf of the board: “With the passing of Hunter Harrison, CSX has suffered a major loss. Notwithstanding that loss, the board is confident that Jim Foote, as acting chief executive officer, and the rest of the CSX team will capitalize on the changes that Hunter has made. The board will continue to consider in a deliberative way how best to maximize CSX’s performance over the long term.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Hunter Harrison, CEO of CSX, is at it again – killing jobs and rolling over safety measures to increase profits that benefit only a select few.
According to the report, more than 60 engineers, conductors and switchmen at Barr Yard in Chicago have been furloughed, fueling speculation that the Chicago yard may soon close.
John Risch, SMART TD national legislative director was quoted for the story:
“There’s one person to blame, and it’s E. Hunter Harrison,” Risch said. “He’s the guy that plunged into this thing forcefully and just decided to make major changes, and they’re not very well thought through.”’
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cp-logo-240CALGARY – The CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway says he’d like to see Canada and the United States work together on rail regulations – though he admits it may be difficult to pull off.

The company is trying to talk to regulators in Washington and Ottawa about how the lack of consistency is hurting business, Hunter Harrison said Thursday (May 1).

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