Brothers and sisters, let me wish you and your family a Happy Labor Day.
This past month, we completed our Second SMART General Convention where transportation and sheet metal members stood together to work on focusing on the future to position our Union for the rapid changes coming to all our industries.
We worked to stay ahead of the curve to better serve Sheet Metal and Transportation Division members. We need to unify our voice and our vote to fight against anti-union and hostile influences that put members, families and our communities at risk. We worked on ensuring greater representation, organizing efforts, protecting registered apprenticeships, rail, bus and transit safety.
We learned all too well that elections have consequences, and the 2020 election is on us. We need to be laser focused on protecting our members and our careers by supporting our union values.
Ten years ago, a group of anti-union politicians were elected with disastrous results. Their immediate priority was to push through attacks on collective bargaining across the United States along with the passage of right-to-work laws from coast to coast. Due to the 10-year reapportionment of state and federal seats, they got to choose their voters and cemented their position in government. Unfortunately, bad policy is contagious and is also threatening to infiltrate the Canadian government in the upcoming federal election.
This time, we are taking their power to harm working families away and fighting back to build a better future for members and all working families.
Labor Day is a day founded to honor workers — the women and men who make sure both our nations are running straight and true. Remember the sacrifices of previous generations of workers that we honor on this and every Labor Day. Make sure you are signed up for the Political Action League or TD PAC and recognize the sacrifices and the foundation they made for us were not in vain.
Joseph Sellers, Jr.
SMART General President