Transportation Division President Jeremy Ferguson issued the following statement on May 17, 2024:

“SMART-TD is in full support of the 130 unionized firefighters in Washington struggling to obtain a fair contract with one of the biggest airplane manufacturers in the world. Boeing executives and management apparently have learned nothing from prior experience where they’ve decided that only they know best and then find out the opposite. Instead, they’ve decided to irresponsibly disregard the offers they’ve received from dedicated unionized employees and have locked them out.”

“The IAFF often has acted on behalf of SMART-TD’s rail workers when we seek legislation that makes both our members and their people safer, including in Washington state. At this moment, the firefighters need our support and solidarity. They absolutely have it.

“Already we’ve had many of our Local 324 members in Seattle, including Troy Shtogren, contribute to the strike fund. They’re bolstering the firefighters’ strength in their action against Boeing and observing the picket line as well. We’re going to keep it up until the IAFF members get a resolution that they’re satisfied with.”

Information on how to support the locked-out IAFF workers