Minnesota_mapIn light of the recent furloughs by BNSF and Union Pacific railroads, and since many locals are experiencing difficulty reaching the members who have been furloughed and dislocated, the SMART TD Minnesota State Legislative Board is hosting, in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Education and Economic Development (MN DEED) a free informational meeting to assist those furloughed workers on Monday, August 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Minneapolis United Labor Center, Room 218 (located at 312 Central Avenue, S. E., Room 218, Minneapolis, MN 55414). Parking is free.

MN DEED will be offering many free services at the meeting including: emergency assistance (mortgage help) for those who need it, job training, job counseling, help with updating your computer skills and much more.

The Minneapolis Labor Center is also the location of your SMART TD Minn. Legislative Board. The board has activated the Brakemen’s Register with the names of SMART TD members who are looking for work. If you have been impacted by these furloughs, it is highly recommended that you consider attending this meeting.