Beginning on January 1, 2025, members who are covered under the nationally negotiated railroad health & welfare plans will have their pharmacy benefits transitioned from Express Scripts, Inc., to Optum Rx. This includes H&W Plan numbers GA-690100 (SMART-TD Plan), GA-23000 (National Railroad Plan), and GA-46000 (Early Retiree Plan).

For additional information, please view the joint statement released by the CRLO (labor) and the NCCC (management), which includes a list of questions and answers.

The National Railway Labor Conference (NRLC), in an April 1 letter to the Sheet Metal Workers International Association and its General President Mike Sullivan, has recognized the requirements of status quo under the Railway Labor Act and said all carriers will continue remitting UTU member dues to the UTU.

“The deduction and remittance of dues are governed by the requirements of Section 2, Eleventh of the Railway Labor Act [which] requires railroads to deduct and remit dues in accordance with union security provisions contained in collective bargaining agreements and written authorizations from individual employees authorizing the deduction of dues from their pay,” said the NRLC.

In addition, said the NRLC, the carriers recognize that there is additional merger-related litigation pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.