Ohio Assistant State Legislative Director Ralph Leichliter sent along a notice that the Ohio House of Representatives is going to begin discussions Tuesday, Nov. 13 in Columbus about H.B. 53 — yet another attempt in the Buckeye State to get Right to Work for Less legislation passed.
Leichliter says that this bill aims to destroy union membership among public sector employees.
“We have to get a message out to our representatives ASAP to let them know that their constituents oppose this bill. As labor advocates, it’s important to protect the collective bargaining power of all workers, and to push back against the war on unions,” Leichliter said.
The primary sponsor of this attack on unions is Ohio Rep. John Becker (R – Dist. 65).
To fight back, you can send a message to your state representatives using the following links:
Ohio State Legislative Board
HB 53 – Right to Work Legislation in Ohio
Supporting Becker’s bill are 12 co-sponsors:

  • state Rep. Thomas Brinkman Jr. (R – Dist. 27)
  • state Rep. Kristina Roegner (R – Dist. 37)
  • state Rep. Niraj Antani (R – Dist. 42)
  • state Rep. Derrick Merrin (R – Dist. 47)
  • state Rep. Candice Keller (R – Dist. 53)
  • state Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (R – Dist. 54)
  • state Rep. Bill Dean (R – Dist. 74)
  • state Rep. Ron Hood (R – Dist. 78)
  • state Rep. Craig Riedel (R – Dist. 82)
  • state Rep. A. Nino Vitale (R – Dist. 85)
  • state Rep. Andy Thompson (R- Dist. 95)

Source: Cleveland.com, 2/13/17
COLUMBUS, Ohio – On February 13, 2017, Rep. John Becker (R) introduced H.B. 53, a Right-to-Work measure designed to weaken collective bargaining rights for public and private employees.
H.B. 53 would allow public sector employees to opt out of joining a union or paying union dues, and would eliminate state mandated “fair share” or agency fees used for collective bargaining purposes.
Current state law allows collective bargaining agreements to require collection of “fair share” fees from non-union employees.
The measure would also enable unions to opt out of representing employees who choose not to join.
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Left: Dr. King’s quote on  ‘right to work’ lie.