P&LSMART TD-represented engineers employed by Paducah and Louisville Railway has ratified a new five-year agreement.

The agreement provides for wage increases in each year of the agreement with an initial adjustment of three percent, effective January 1, 2014, and additional adjustments of three percent on January 1, 2015 and every year thereafter through 2018. The total general wage increase over the life of the contract is 15 percent, with a 16 percent cumulative increase.

In addition to the general wage increases, the agreement provides full back-pay, an increase in certification and meal allowance payments, increases in 401K contributions, and a cap to health and welfare contributions at $225.00 for the family plan over the life of the agreement. The agreement also establishes call windows for regular assignments, preserves cost of living adjustments and improves bereavement and personal leave provisions.

“General Committee of Adjustment 436 (CN Illinois Central) General Chairperson Jim Herndon and Local 785 Chairperson Clint Keeling did an outstanding job of bringing the members’ concerns to the table and negotiating an agreement with dramatic improvements in wages and working conditions,” said Vice President Dave Wier.