HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Mike Futhey was elected to his second four-year term as president of the United Transportation Union Aug. 8 during the UTU’s 11th quadrennial convention here.

Futhey was re-elected by a vote of 453-34 against challenger Scott Cole, delegate from UTU Local 278.

Also re-elected Aug. 8 — by acclamation — were Assistant President Arty Martin, General Secretary & Treasurer Kim Thompson and National Legislative Director James Stem.

Election results for Aug. 9 include:

* Robert Kerley, Dave Wier, John Previsich and Delbert Strunk were all returned by acclamation as International vice presidents.

In other International vice president elections:

* Paul Tibbit defeated John Babler, 371-117.

* John Lesniewski defeated J.R. “Jim” Cumby, 420-68.

* Bonnie Morr defeated Calvin Studivant, 274-213.

Additionally, Alternate National Legislative Director John Risch was re-elected, defeating Jay Seegmiller, 378-105.


* Calvin Studivant was elected alternate vice president-east, Bus Department, by acclamation.

* Brian Donald was elected alternate vice president- west, Bus Department, with 337 votes, defeating Adhi Reddy (75 votes) and Robert Gonzalez (74 votes).

* Larry Barrilleaux,  R. W. “Red” Dare, John England, Troy Johnson, Doyle Turner and Daniel Young were elected alternate vice presidents, receiving a majority of votes (and more than 50 percent of ballots) among nine candidates for six alternate vice president positions. Defeated were Carl Farnie, Kevin King and Charles Piland.


* Dale Barnett was elected “Engine Service Member” on the Board of Appeals, defeating Daniel O’Connell, 369-116.

* Donald Seyer was elected, by acclamation, “Road Service (Train Service) Member” on the Board of Appeals.

* Dale Welch was elected, by acclamation, “Yard Service (Train Service) Member” on the Board of Appeals.

* Dirk Sampson was elected, by acclamation, “Commuter Authority Member” on the Board of Appeals.

* Alvy Hughes was elected “Bus Department Member” on the Board of Appeals, defeating Adhi Reddy, 379-106.


* Steve Dawson, Mike Anderson, Steven Mavity, George Millward and Robert Resendez were elected, by acclamation, to the Executive Board. Phil Craig defeated Harry Garvin, 346-140, in election for alternate to the Executive Board.

Terms of elected officers and alternates begin Jan. 1, 2012.

Per an arbitrator’s ruling in the pending litigation and arbitration of whether the merger agreement between the UTU and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMWIA) is an enforceable agreement, a parallel election is being held for officers of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART) Workers Union.

Each of those elected Aug. 8-10 to a UTU position was also elected to the same-named position in SMART.

As to the parallel SMART election, Arbitrator Michael Gottesman required that “if SMWIA so requests,” the UTU convention will hold separate elections for officers of UTU and of SMART. SMWIA General President Joe Nigro has so requested. Accordingly, after nominations for each UTU officer position are closed and the election completed, nominations and elections for the corresponding SMART officer positions are being opened.

Arbitrator Gottesman said the required vote on SMART-officer positions should in no way suggest he has reached a decision.

The holding of the convention and procedures for election are provided for in the UTU Constitution. It is available for viewing by clicking on the following link:


The UTU International is receiving questions about the quadrennial convention, Aug. 8-12, at the Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, Fla.

Delegates will receive, by early April, a packet explaining room reservation procedures and other convention details.

Room reservations will be handled by the UTU International. Room reservations will not be accepted until after the packets have been mailed.