Yesterday (April 10), H.B. 186 was referred to the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee. State Rep. Michael Sheehy, who introduced the bill, sits on the committee as the ranking member. Three other co-sponsors of the bill are also on the committee.
SMART Transportation Division Ohio State Legislative Director Stu Gardner is urging all Ohio members and their families to contact members of the committee to voice your support and ask them to support the bill. Gardner has set up a link on the Ohio Legislative Action Center for members to contact their representatives. Just click the ‘Take Action’ button and it will walk you through sending your message.
Members are also urged to call the members of the Transportation and Public Safety Committee, which are listed below.

  • Chairman – Doug Green (R – Dist. 66) – 614-644-6034
  • Vice Chair – Riordan McClain (R – Dist. 87) – 614-644-6265
  • Ranking Minority Member – Michael Sheehy (D – Dist. 46) – 614-466-1418
  • Steven Arndt (R – Dist. 89) –  614-644-6011
  • Juanita Brent (D – Dist. 12) – 614-466-1408
  • James Hoops (R – Dist. 81) – 614-466-3760
  • Stephanie Howse (D – Dist. 11) – 614-466-1414
  • Michele Lapore-Hagan (D – Dist. 58) – 614-466-9435
  • Don Jones (R – Dist. 95) – 614-644-8728
  • Susan Manchester (R – Dist. 84) – 614-466-6344
  • Gayle Manning (R – Dist. 55) – 614-644-5076
  • Jessica Miranda (D – Dist. 28) – 614-466-8120
  • Michael O’Brien (D – Dist. 64) – 614-466-5358
  • Tom Patton (R – Dist. 07) – 614-644-4895
  • Reggie Stoltzfus (R – Dist. 50) – 614-466-9078

Click here for the Ohio Legislative Action Center.

Original Story (04/08/19):
SMART Transportation Division Ohio State Legislative Director Stu Gardner reports that a two-person crew bill has been introduced in the state’s House of Representatives. H.B. 186 was introduced April 4 by state Reps. Michael Sheehy (D – Dist. 46) and Brett Hillyer (R – Dist. 98). The bipartisan bill has 22 co-sponsors.
The bill includes wording that legislates two-person crews, blocked crossings, proper lighting in rail yards and proper walkways.
“The hard work is just beginning,” Gardner said in a call to action to Ohio members, families and retirees. “In the days and weeks to come, we will need the help and support of our members, retirees, spouses, friends and relatives, and you — our grassroots advocates.”
Gardner urges members, retired members and their families to do all they can to step forward and show support by attending meetings when H.B. 186 comes up for discussion.
“We will need proponents that would be willing to testify before the committee to demonstrate their knowledge and passion for these issues,” Gardner said.
There’s already one proponent in the statehouse who is more than familiar with the need for this legislation. Sheehy, is a SMART TD Alumni Association member who retired in 2012 and served as secretary and treasurer of Local 1816 (Toledo, Ohio).
As the bill has just been introduced, it has not yet been referred to committee, but Gardner will post further calls to action on the Ohio State Legislative Board’s website.
Ohio residents can visit this link to show their support for the legislation.
Click here to read H.B. 186.