The 3rd Congressional District of New York has consistently valued proven leadership — with the glaring exception of George Santos. Luckily for the people of Long Island and SMART-TD members in particular, we have an opportunity to right the ship in February.

Our union has an ally in this race with a proven track record of serving the district and our membership with consistency. Congressman Tom Suozzi is a known commodity in Long Island. We remember him over his six years in Congress that highlighted his advocacy for nationwide two-person crew legislation and for his role championing the Long Island Rail Road in Washington.

Suozzi has been a personal friend of SMART-TD Alternate Vice President and General Chairperson Anthony Simon for nearly two decades. While in office, Suozzi has a track record of consulting with Simon and your union on a regular basis using our organization as his sounding board for every decision and vote he made affecting the transportation industry.

Your union has rarely, if ever, had a better advocate. Suozzi has brought funding to both the subway and LIRR, among other projects, that have benefited our members.

Now he needs our help. We owe it to ourselves to bring consistent and reliable leadership back to Long Island’s 3rd Congressional District. Not only does Congressman Suozzi need our support Feb. 13, but he has arranged for all organized labor to show the world who he serves and why. Suozzi and his campaign are asking Long Islanders in the labor movement to take advantage of their ability to vote early and do it on the same day (Feb. 3) so that they can use the vote totals from that day to demonstrate our collective power.

SMART-TD and Simon are asking for your support. All members of our union and other labor organizations have been informed that Congressman Suozzi’s campaign is asking our men and women to cast their ballots at their local early voting locations on Feb. 3.

The goal is to show a noticeable spike on what they are calling Labor Votes Day and put Washington on notice that Representative Suozzi is coming back to Capitol Hill with a clear, distinct mandate that he is there to represent labor and our interest.

There are rallies for the congressman planned in multiple locations on Feb. 3 aimed at rallying labor and getting our collective voice heard that day. More information will be provided on these events as we get closer.

Please do your due diligence as a SMART member and as an American, and double check that your voter registration is up to date and that you know where your early voting location is. This is our moment to return sanity to New York’s 3rd Congressional District and to return a champion for our union to Washington!

On Monday, July 10, 2017, U.S. Congressmen from the State of New York, Rep. Tom Suozzi (D) and Rep. Peter King (R), addressed SMART TD members and officers at the Eastern Regional Meeting in New York City, Suozzi at the morning opening session and King at the lunch reception.

Although new to Congress, Suozzi served for many years as mayor of his hometown and later as a county representative, with a long-time focus on working families and labor issues.

Rep. Suozzi addresses SMART members attending the N.Y. Regional meeting during Monday’s opening session.

“The transportation industry, your industry, built America. The American dream is slipping away and too many working families have been left behind, but there is hope,” Suozzi said.

“How can we rebuild a strong, vibrant middle class? The hope is reflected in this room, in the power of strength in numbers, organizing and working together to move our infrastructure forward, create new jobs and maintain a strong union base, that is how,” Suozzi said.

At the lunch reception, Republican Congressman Peter King, who represents the Long Island, N.Y. region, vowed that his longtime advocacy of transit and rail labor issues, including his staunch support of minimum two-person crew mandates, will not wavier.

“I am proud to stand with you. I will do everything in my power to work with labor to get the job done, to protect your jobs and to protect your interests,” King said.

He added that transportation, including bus, rail and air, remains at the heart of the economy, and the hope for the future of working men and women.

“I will continue to work with SMART TD, with labor leaders and with elected officials on both sides of the aisle, to move America’s infrastructure upgrades forward, and to work together to protect and grow our nation’s transportation jobs. SMART TD is stronger than ever, and together, we will make sure that our jobs are protected,” King said.

SMART TD honors Representative King with Brass Lantern Award

SMART TD President Previsich (left) presents Rep. King with a commemorative brass lantern.

At the closing of the lunch reception, John Previsich, SMART TD president, presented Rep. King with the coveted Brass Lantern Award, on behalf of SMART TD.

“The Brass Lantern is not awarded often, and is presented to those rare individuals who have never waivered in their commitment to the issues and concerns of our membership. We are pleased to recognize Congressman Peter King as a recipient of the Brass Lantern Award, that recognizes his efforts, and we look forward to our continued partnership,” Previsich said.


Pictured from left: General Secretary-Treasurer Rich McClees, SMART TD Vice President John Lesniewski, SMART General President Joe Sellers, SMART TD President John Previsich, Rep. Suozzi, SMART TD Alternate Vice President Anthony Simon, National Legislative Director John Risch and N.Y. State Legislative Director Sam Nasca.

Pictured from left: General Secretary-Treasurer Rich McClees, SMART General President Joe Sellers, SMART TD President John Previsich, SMART TD Alternate Vice President Anthony Simon, Rep. King, SMART TD Vice President John Lesniewski, N.Y. State Legislative Director Sam Nasca and National Legislative Director John Risch.