For months now, coverage of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has saturated our nation’s news coverage. And thanks to Trump’s ability to swamp the media with the insults he hurls and gaffes he makes, that coverage is too often light on substance.

Not enough is being reported on or shared with voters about the stark differences between the candidates on major issues that affect our economy — including the state of our transportation infrastructure. We hardly hear a word in the news coverage about what Clinton and Trump will do about suffocating commutes, aging infrastructure, choke points in our freight network and technology upgrades waiting to be deployed. Disparaging comments aimed at major swaths of our populations, apparently, sell more TV ads.

Today, the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department (TTD) is hoping to change that with the launch of their new campaign #SheWillFixIt. Their goal is to educate working people in transportation, and those who care about the quality, reliability and safety of our transportation system, about the candidates’ plans to fix our aging transportation system. Hint: that should be literally everyone.

This initiative isn’t about making Donald Trump look bad — he does that quite well all on his own. This is about taking a close look at the candidates’ views on the issues that matter to America’s transportation workforce, including Clinton’s and Trump’s vision (or lack of one) and specific proposals to modernize a sadly deteriorated transportation system.

Join the conversation at and share the content with your friends, co-workers and family.

I haven’t met a Democrat who enjoys crushing traffic, overcrowded subways or ports that can’t meet the needs of our businesses. And I haven’t met a Republican who enjoys cascading flight delays, dangerously aged bridges or Amtrak train delays.

But there is a candidate in this race who understands the severity of these problems, has a plan to fix it and has pledged to make it a priority in her first 100 days in office. Learn more about how #SheWillFixIt.