Dear SMART-TD members and retirees —

Major disasters can occur anytime and anywhere to our union Brothers and Sisters, and the SMART Transportation Division Disaster Relief Fund is primed to assist members in their times of need.

In recent memory, the fund has helped during disastrous cold in Texas, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and fires. Our members’ touching and steadfast generosity never fails to provide hope when the sense of devastation takes hold — when homes are damaged and lives are upended such as what has occurred with recent storms in the South and in California.

To help members struck by these and future crises 2023 may present, the Disaster Relief Fund asks that the TD family heed this call to give what you can. With your help, the difficult task of starting over and rebuilding can become easier for members who find themselves affected in times of trouble.

Any donations will help lessen the struggle and bring real hope and relief to SMART-TD members who are suffering after this great loss. SMART-TD will administer donations sent to the SMART TD Disaster Relief Fund when the need arises.

Contributions may be sent and made payable to:

SMART TD Disaster Relief Fund
6060 Rockside Woods Blvd., N., Suite 325
Independence, OH 44131-2378

Questions? Please call the Transportation Division office at 216-228-9400 referencing the SMART TD Disaster Relief Fund.

— The SMART Transportation Division