The Discipline Income Protection Program (DIPP), your union’s premier worker assistance program, protects members’ income when facing alleged violations of rules or operating procedures.

Effective July 1, 2024, the monthly assessment for participants will be reduced from 50 to 32 cents per $1 of daily benefit coverage. This reduction and a 90% + approval on all new claims make DIPP the premier option in the industry.

Daily benefit $100$150$200$250
SMART DIPP$32.00/mo.$48.00/mo.$64.00/mo.$80.00/mo.
(No. 16)
SMART’s Discipline Income Protection Program surpasses the alternatives in member value and protection.

DIPP coverage ranges from $6 to $250 per day, ensuring that a participant covered by the plan will continue to receive income.

SMART-TD is committed to continuing its pursuit of excellence in serving plan participants. In the past year, DIPP trustees have reduced assessments by 33%, eliminated the graduated benefit day structure and reduced the waiting period for benefit increases. Additionally, the program has paid participants over $4 million in benefits when suspended, dismissed, or removed from service by their employer.

Participants can also elect to increase their benefit level or modify their coverage at any time by submitting the appropriate form. New participants can enroll online either on their own or with the assistance of their local Regional Insurance Manager or DIPP representative.

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