In an effort to improve efficiencies and provide enhanced, more cost effective service to our members, the SMART Transportation Division has recently conducted a review of its internal operations. One of the areas identified for restructuring is the process for providing assignments to the SMART TD Human Rights Committee (HRC).

As a result, effective January 1, 2017, the point of contact for the Human Rights Committee will be Tracey Neighbors in the SMART TD legal department in Cleveland. Tracey will intake the initial inquiries, and after consultation with the HRC and legal counsel, will assign the assistance deemed appropriate to the request. This change is intended to provide a more uniform method of intake and handling while preserving the excellent service and professionalism provided by our HRC representatives.

SMART TD established the Human Rights Committee in February, 2000, as part of a broad-based effort to educate SMART TD Members and employers, to promote diversity within our union, and ensure that every voice is heard and respected. Our union shares the same dream as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – that men and women should not be judged by race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference – and only by the content of their character.

To contact Tracey Neighbors, please email: