On July 7, Grupo Mexico S.A.B. de C.V. announced that its Grupo Mexico Transportes S.A. de C.V. unit (GMXT) completed its procurement of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., parent company of Florida East Coast Railway (FECR).
The acquisition had approvals from the Committee on Foreign Investment, Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Communications Commission.
SMART TD represents approximately 200 conductors, engineers, trainmen and yardmasters employed by FECR. The railway operates 351 miles of track between Jacksonville, Fla., and Miami.
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P&LSMART TD-represented trainmen employed by Paducah and Louisville Railway (P&L) have ratified a new five-year agreement by an overwhelming majority.

The agreement provides for wage increases beginning on January 1, 2014, and each year through 2018, for a 16 percent cumulative increase.

In addition to the general wage increases, the agreement provides full back-pay, an increase in certification and meal allowance payments, increases in 401K contributions and a cap to health and welfare contributions over the life of the agreement. The agreement also establishes call windows for regular assignments, preserves cost of living adjustments and improves bereavement and personal leave provisions.

“General Committee of Adjustment 433 (CN Illinois Central) General Chairperson Adren Crawford, retired General Chairperson Red Dare, former General Committee Secretary JJ. Russum, Vice General Chairperson Jonathan Dooley and Local 785 (Paducah, Ky.) Chairperson Jason Luscombe did an outstanding job of bringing the members’ concerns to the table and negotiating an agreement with dramatic improvements in wages and working conditions,” said Vice President Dave Wier. 

Tacoma Rail logo_FotorSMART Transportation Division-represented trainmen (Local 556 of Tacoma, Wash.) employed by Tacoma Rail have ratified a new six and one-half (6.5) year agreement by an overwhelming majority.

The agreement provides for true parity for all trainmen, with the elimination of entry rates and the consolidation of all rates into a single rate of pay for conductor positions with all arbitrary and short crew allowances rolled into the daily rate, resulting in an hourly rate of pay increase effective July 1, 2017. The agreement establishes a standard crew consist of two (2) trainmen on all assignments, a guaranteed extra board with a pass provision, and double time for working holidays.

The agreement also provides for a three percent deferred compensation match, a ratification incentive, improved meal periods, and boot allowance provisions.

SMART Transportation Division Vice President Dave Wier, who assisted with the mediated negotiations, congratulated TMB General Chairperson Clayton Hoffman, Vice Chairperson Shawn Merrill and former Vice Chairperson John Pace for “the exceptional effort put forth in bringing the members’ concerns to the bargaining table and negotiating an agreement with significant improvements in wages and working conditions. This is an agreement that our members can be proud of.”