FTAlogoWASHINGTON – The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has recently accepted two reports from the Transit Advisory Committee for Safety (TRACS), a safety committee established by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and compromised of transit industry stakeholders.

In Establishing a Fatigue Management Program for the Bus and Rail Industry, the report identifies the major organizational and behavioral challenges that may be faced in addressing transit employee fatigue and recommends components of a successful fatigue management program.

In Preventing and Mitigating Transit Worker Assaults in the Bus and Transit Industry, the report discusses the risks and impediments to a safe workplace and recommends a process and measures to reduce the hazards that enable these assaults.

FTA will review the recommendations from both reports as it considers possible future action on these safety issues.

FTAlogoThe Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently published a Federal Register notice seeking nominations for up to eight representatives from the public transportation safety community for Transit Advisory Committee for Safety (TRACS) membership.

TRACS was chartered in 2009 by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation for the purpose of providing a forum for the development, consideration and communication of information regarding public transit safety.

Nominees should be knowledgeable of trends or issues related to rail transit and bus transit safety, and will be evaluated on factors including leadership and organizational skills, geographic representation, staff diversity, and the overall balance of industry representation. Appointments are for two-year terms and applications should be submitted by August 31, 2015. For more information contact Steve Kulm at (202) 366-9260.