Small can be big – especially when “small” is small lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, more exercise, a reduction in alcohol consumption, and kicking a tobacco habit.

Such lifestyle changes, say health care experts, may lead to “big” health improvements and a happier you.

Americans spend more on health care than in any other industrialized nation, according to statistics, and those costs are reflected in steadily growing premiums for health care insurance. Notwithstanding this spending, Americans are not the healthiest.


* Our nation’s population is largely sedentary

* Obesity and diabetes are reaching monumental proportions

* Tobacco and alcohol use are popular

* Stress is epidemic

Health care experts say that with small lifestyle changes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers could be reduced significantly.

By completing a health risk assessment, you can start down a path toward a healthier and happier you.

To complete a health risk assessment, click on your health care provider’s website and register or create an account (see links below). You must register or create an account at the website before being provided the option of completing a health risk assessment.

Below are the websites and toll-free phone numbers (should you have difficulty at the website):

Aetna: (register or create an account and then follow the steps provided) (866-213-0153).

Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield: (register or create an account and then select “Your Health” tab and then, “Improve Your Health) (866-267-3320).

UnitedHealthcare: (register or create an account and then click on “Health and Wellness) (877-201-4840).

Once the health risk assessment is completed, a personalized action plan will be provided to help guide you in your quest of live a healthier life. The plan will include verbal and online wellness coaching, smoking cessation assistance and information on healthy meal choices and recipes.