Transportation News

Longtime assistant to TD Illinois office retiring

The SMART Transportation Division in Illinois has been a beacon of productivity and progress for years.   Mirroring the state’s central role as a hub where the nation’s major Class I carriers operate, SMART-TD’s Illinois operation has plenty of accomplishments and f [...]

Gary Crest elevated to vice president

The passing of SMART-TD Vice President John “J.D.” Whitaker was a loss felt throughout our organization. His contributions to this union are well known and will resonate for years to come. That being said, one of the strengths of this organization is the depth of our roster.& [...]

Oct. 15 is second N.J. Railroad Workers Day

In 2022, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed into law Senate Joint Resolution 86, declaring October 15 “Railroad Workers Day” throughout the Garden State.   This Sunday, New Jersey will be recognizing Railroad Workers Day for the second time. As Gov. Murphy said about r [...]

SMART-TD, U.S. Department of Labor hold election webinar 

As SMART Transportation Division local elections are approaching, it is important that proper procedures are followed. In order to provide support to our locals in their election process, SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson’s staff worked with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL [...]


Updated comment from Kansas State Legislative Director Ty Dragoo: “I want to thank everyone involved; this was a team effort.  And what an honor to have Vice President Brent Leonard and National State Legislative Director Greg Hynes in attendance during the si [...]

Record Numbers for Toledo Regional Training Seminar

SMART-TD’s shift to Regional Training Seminars (RTS) has been gaining momentum throughout 2022 and 2023. Last week in Toledo, Ohio, roughly 200 SMART-TD members gathered and received intense hands-on training from this organization’s best sources of information. Much like it [...]

Ratification Of BNSF Tentative Agreement Begins

Last week, SMART-TD announced that 8 of its General Committees of Adjustment reached a tentative agreement with BNSF regarding important quality of life issues and predictability for time off. Voter instructions have been sent out to all eligible BNSF members via USPS first c [...]

Wall Street Journal Continues Misinformation Campaign On RSA

On Thursday, September 21st, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial titled “A Union Railroad Job In Congress.” In it, the Editorial Board cast aspersions on nameless, faceless railroad unions, directly stating that labor sought to capitalize on the life-altering devas [...]