Transportation News

Medical coverage for H1N1 flu vaccine

Vaccine for the highly contagious H1N1 virus (commonly called “swine flu”) is now being released to the public as supplies become available. The information below will help you decide if you should obtain the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

Prescription drug formularies to change

Effective Jan. 1, UTU members taking certain brand-name drugs will be required to pay more for them unless they switch to generic or preferred versions. Members who choose to stay on the non-formulary/non-preferred drug will be subject to the non-formulary/non-preferred copay [...]

Health care insurance premiums to rise

For rail employees covered under the health and welfare provisions of the national railroad agreement, health care insurance cost contributions rise beginning Jan. 1, from the current $170.96 per month to $200 monthly, owing to increases in health care costs under the plan. T [...]

UTU serves Section 6 notice on carriers

UTU general chairpersons on Nov. 2 served on railroads represented by the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC) the UTU’s intended amendments to agreements affecting rates of pay, rules and working conditions. Such notices are required by Section 6 of the [...]

Medicare Part B premiums announced

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced that the standard monthly Part B premium will be $110.50 in 2010. However, most Medicare beneficiaries will not see an increase in their monthly Part B premiums in 2010 because of a “hold-harmless” pro [...]

UTU, BLET challenge HOS interpretations

The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 made the first significant amendments to hours-of-service laws in nearly 40 years. In response, the FRA issued an interim statement of agency policy and interpretation, which poses significant problems for train- and engine-service empl [...]

Our might starts with our members

By UTU Assistant President Arty Martin Early in our lives, we learn that success — whether it be graduation, being selected for a church choir, earning a spot on a sports team, or being hired to drive a bus, fly a plane or switch rail cars — requires preparation, [...]

AFL-CIO & UTU: A powerful alliance

By UTU International President Mike Futhey The AFL-CIO convention that elected new leadership and placed the UTU on its ruling Executive Council is the beginning of a powerful cooperative atmosphere that will be good for organized labor and, in particular, for the UTU members [...]

Narcotics & sedatives: Take with caution

By Norman K. Brown UTU medical consultant There is an old saying among physicians that patients will lie more often about their drug usage and their sex lives than about any other topics. So, please, just give me the facts. What drugs was Michael Jackson taking when he died? [...]

Shorter bus contracts protect earnings

By Richard Deiser Vice President, Bus Department Kudos to Alternate Bus Vice President-East Calvin Studivant and Alternate Bus Vice President-West Bonnie Morr for being chosen as delegates to the AFL-CIO convention in Pittsburgh, where a highlight was President Obama’s [...]