Let’s Organize the Unorganized

By Richard Ross Former SMART TD Director of Organizing The SMART Transportation Division has a long history of representing transportation workers — fighting on their behalf for better job security, and improved wages, benefits and working conditions. We have consistent [...]

Fatigue, harassment, intimidation take toll

By International President Mike Futhey We all know that when one wants the truth from the iron horse’s mouth, we ask the rank-and-file membership. That is especially so when it comes to safety. I commend our Rail Safety Task Force for going directly to the membership wi [...]

Retiring soon? Don’t be a fraud victim

 By UTU GS&T Kim Thompson A recent article on the UTU Web site, headlined “Ponzi Scheme Targets Retired L.A. Bus Drivers,” reminded me of the pitfalls that our members can face in having a secure retirement. It seems you can’t watch the evening news, open a ne [...]

Health care reform: Now!

By UTU International President Mike Futhey I agree with President Obama regarding health care legislation: “Let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the American people.” We, as a nation, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals ̵ [...]