As we begin national rail negotiations …

By UTU International President Mike Futhey As we begin this new round of bargaining with the railroads to amend our national rail contract, I am optimistic we will reach an equitable outcome — an agreement that benefits both parties. The carriers and their contract empl [...]

DIPP: Protect against payless paydays

By UTU General Secretary & Treasurer Kim Thompson One of the valuable UTU benefits provided our members is the Discipline Income Protection Program, or DIPP. The DIPP provides payment for a specific amount and period of time to an employee suspended, dismissed or removed [...]

Easing the pain of furloughs

By UTU Assistant President Arty Martin As a union, we can’t make the economy better, but we always attempt to make life better for our members caught up in the downturn. Many younger members, having left non-railroad employment to take railroad jobs, have now found themselves [...]