‘We won’t back down!’

SMART TD LEADS PROTEST OUTSIDE OF BNSF SHAREHOLDER MEETING IN OMAHA On April 30, 2022, while Berk­shire Hathaway shareholders sat in comfort and national cable-news networks dei­fied wealth hoarder Warren Buffett and his executive cronies at the company’s live-streamed annual [...]

Lisa Davis, 16-year journeyperson at SM Local 16, wins NABTU Tradeswomen Heroes Award

In early June, SMART Local 16 (Portland, Ore.) journey-worker Lisa Davis was named one of the winners of the June NABTU Tradeswomen Heroes Award, which “honors two apprentices and two journey-level workers in the United States and Canada that set an exemplary example both on [...]

Tinnitus: What’s that ringing noise?

Have you ever left a concert, sporting event or jobsite with a high-pitched ringing in your ears? This is called tinnitus. Virtually everyone will experience some tinnitus from time to time throughout their life. Although it is usually the result of being around loud noises, [...]

Nine things we can do every day to create belonging in the workplace

In 2021, SMART, SMACNA and ITI came together to launch Belonging and Excellence for ALL (BE4All). BE4All is a bold, multi-year effort to transform the sheet metal industry, and to do this in two ways: 1) By creating work environments and jobsites that are welcoming to ALL wor [...]

Local 265’s Jim Trimby retires after 37 years

Jim Trimby (left) and Neal Dahlman. After 37 years of dues-paying SMART membership, Jim Trimby has decided it is time to put his hammer away. He is humbled that it is finally time for him to reap the benefits of his many years of service Trimby came to the trade by way of his [...]