ITI completes installation of TotalTrack in all U.S. JATCs

January 13, 2014

TotalTrack_K_Stacked_TaglineTotalTrack, the database system that puts all apprentice and training journeymen information in one place, has been installed in all U.S. training centers. Developed by the International Training Institute, TotalTrack simplifies the work of instructors and training coordinators, allowing them to spend more time with students and less time doing paperwork.
The training center in Cheyenne, Wyo. was the last center to be converted in December 2013. The first centers began using the system in 2011.
“[TotalTrack] is a going to dramatically change how the apprenticeship program runs,” said Larry Lawrence, ITI field representative and instructional developmental specialist. “Once everyone gets used to using this great tool, they will see the value and potential.”
Because TotalTrack is Internet-based, it doesn’t need to be installed on a computer network or require upgrades usually associated with an implementation of this size. Instructors, coordinators and students can access TotalTrack from anywhere they have Internet capabilities. Instructors can work on lesson plans, students can receive messages and homework assignments, and coordinators and administrators can check hours from anywhere, which frees instructors to do work at home.