House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is threatening to let the United States default on its debt. $10 trillion of that debt is the result of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that his party championed. A default would be catastrophic for the economy, wiping out nearly 6 million jobs and $12 trillion of household wealth. This cannot happen. 

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The bottom line is this: we all have to pay our bills. When it comes due, we don’t get to pick and choose which one or when we pay. Speaker McCarthy and the anti-worker politicians threatening default seem to think the rules don’t apply to them. Instead of working for solutions, they are using the threat of default to push forward legislation that would directly harm SMART members, playing a game of chicken with our economy and with our families’ bottom lines.

Their proposed legislation could cut funding for the Veterans’ Health Administration, making it harder for those who served our nation to get the care they need; rescind unused COVID funding that could be used to save union pension plans; reduce funding for the Federal Railway Administration; and rescind tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act, threatening the incentives that would help create good, union jobs for SMART members.  

Independent economists say this single bill would cost 780,000 working Americans their jobs by the end of 2024 alone. We have come too far and can’t afford to be dragged back to the days our Union and working families were under constant attack! 

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