Transportation News

NTSB’s Hersman favors adequate rest

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Debbie Hersman is the first member of the 37-year-old National Transportation Safety Board to bring to the job a detailed knowledge of railroads, reports Railway Age magazine. Hersman was confirmed by the Senate in June following five years as a senio [...]

Recognize a stroke’s warning signs

By Dr. Norman K. BrownUTU Medical Consultant Most of us would agree that we should do all we can to preserve and protect the working of our brains, the part of us that makes us who we are and different from each other. Aside from head injuries, the most common damage to our b [...]

Early detection of colon cancer can save lives

Mammograms and Pap tests have saved many lives by detecting early, curable cancers at a reasonable cost and minimal inconvenience. Many more lives could be saved if there were more testing for colon cancer, which is a fairly common disease, but one which can be cured with a h [...]

SMART TD Designated Legal Counsel Rules of Conduct

All Designated Legal Counsel (DLC) shall agree as a condition of becoming or remaining a DLC that he or she will be subject to and fully comply with the Rules of Conduct. Each DLC shall, as a condition of becoming or remaining a DLC, shall specifically in writing waive any an [...]