Member Assistance Program Grows

For decades, when a member of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, or SMART, had a personal problem, they would turn to a fellow member for help. For small issues, friends and mentors dispensed good advice just fine. However, for [...]

Local 19 Rep Wins Delaware Race

Democrat Ken Woods was elected in May to a Council seat in Delaware’s New Castle County after the death of former Councilman Joe Reda. Woods defeated his Republican challenger with an overwhelming 70 percent of the vote and will serve the remainder of Reda’s four-year term, w [...]

Polished Skills Restore Luster to Vanderbilt Landmark

Dating back to 1863, Benson Science Hall was one of the first buildings constructed on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Like any well-aged structure, renovations are required from time to time. The current work was begun by members of SMART SM Local 177 (Nash [...]

GP Sellers: Vote and Volunteer Union

By the time you get this Members’ Journal, the U.S. Presidential election will
be just three months away. That’s 90 days to gather
 the facts, make choices-and pitch in some time for candidates who support and respect American Labor. The choice before the American [...]

Man hit by train, saved by member

In a heroic show of foresight and bravery, SMART Transportation Division Vice Local Chairperson Rob Forrest (Local 202 at Denver) saved the life of a pedestrian Wednesday, July 20. Forrest, who – according to SMART TD Colorado State Legislative Director Carl Smith ̵ [...]