Strike vote authorized at SEPTA

“Our General Chairperson for the SEPTA property, Ray Boyer, served Section 6 Notices on SEPTA well over a year ago. SEPTA management knows full well that SMART-TD’s members are the backbone of the greater Philadelphia area. Our members operate heavy rail, buses, light rail, a [...]

SMART-TD announces tentative agreement with BNSF that addresses quality of life issues and predictability for time off 

“Our rail members from BNSF properties definitely had their voices heard in this process and they should be proud to see their fingerprints throughout this outstanding TA. They were very clear that they wanted a level of predictability for when their time off would be honored [...]

FRA awards SMART-TD over $600,000 to fill void in rail carriers’ training programs

It’s easy to levy criticism at the training programs run by the railroad carriers in 2023. But as we all know, criticism is meaningless without action. SMART Transportation Division is doing more than talking about the decline in the quality and quantity of training new hire [...]

What TD members can do to support the UAW strike

Brothers and sisters — As the strike action of our brothers and sisters at the UAW moves forward, I wanted to reach out to all SMART-TD members and reiterate our support for the UAW and the goals they are working to achieve. On Thursday, I reached out to our rail members to l [...]

SMART-TD Announces Its Support for STB’s Historic Declaration of Reciprocal Switching

Phone: (216) 228-9400 Fax: (216) 228-0411 Department Email: “Any time a monopoly is broken up, and competition is emphasized in the workplace, American workers win. SMART-TD stands behind today’s announcement by the Surface Transportation Board. It is [...]