Know your rights when injured

WASHINGTON — The Federal Railroad Administration has issued an interpretation of its regulations on employer harassment and intimidation of injured employees — welcome pointers to help rail workers, injured on the job, know their rights. The interpretation focuses [...]

Moving forward with President-elect Obama

By International President Mike Futhey Barack Obama is the first presidential candidate to promise in writing that he stands behind the objectives of the United Transportation Union. We look forward to working closely with President Obama. He is a leader who has put the well- [...]

Obama walks the walk with labor

By International President Mike Futhey The most successful military generals are those who care best for their troops, walk among their troops and listen intently to their ideas and concerns. This week in Denver, Barack Obama, who consistently expresses his support for workin [...]

New safety push aims at rail culture

WASHINGTON — Railroads, the Federal Railroad Administration, and labor organizations, including the UTU, launched on Aug. 12 a new and formal effort to improve workplace safety through an emphasis on cooperation and education and a de-emphasis on aggressive discipline. [...]