Secretary/Treasurers: Fillable PDF available for supply orders

January 16, 2018

Local Secretary/Treasurers will find it easier to order supplies from the SMART Transportation Division office with the introduction of a fillable supply order PDF form on the SMART TD website.
All you have to do is visit the Local Toolbox and click under the Disbursements subheading.
After saving the file to your computer, you will be able to open the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader ( or if you have another program capable of reading PDFs.
Once you’ve filled out the PDF with your supply order, save the file on your computer and then email it as an attachment to SMART TD Supply Department Director Joe Shivak ( to submit your order.
The cost of the supplies will be added to your “Supply Invoice Balance” on iLink and can be paid when working Step 4 of the monthly billing process cover sheet or as an extra disbursement to SMART TD. It is recommended that the Local’s supply invoice balance be paid off each month.
Orders for supplies still can be made by mail and by telephone, but orders using email will result in faster processing.
Only officers of a Local or the SMART TD President’s Department can make supply orders (including business cards) and the order must be approved by the Local in advance.