Delegates to the First SMART Convention at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas have returned General President Joseph J. Nigro and General Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Sellers Jr. to five-year terms in office by acclamation.


Sheet Metal Division delegates also returned by acclamation all 11 current vice president to the General Executive Council.

In keeping with provisions of the SMART Constitution, each officer was nominated and seconded and voting delegates were given the opportunity to propose other candidates.

All 1,007 certified voting delegates, representing a variety of crafts from SMART’s new, diverse membership, were eligible to vote for the offices of general president and secretary-treasurer. Only Sheet Metal Division delegates were eligible to participate in yesterday’s elections for the sheet metal vice presidents.

Transportation Division officers were elected at the Transportation Division Convention June 30-July 2. 

First General Vice President Bruce Word took over the convention chair to conduct the electoral process, beginning with the nominations to elect Nigro and Sellers, followed by nominations and elections of 11 general vice presidents.

After the voting was concluded, Word administered the oath of office to 20 international officers, including the officers of the Transportation Division.


SMART General President Joseph Nigro and General Secretary-Treasurer Joe Sellers Jr.

SMART_logo_041712_thumbnailLocals entitled to additional Delegates at the SMART General Convention in Las Vegas, Nev., are reminded that there’s still time to elect such Delegates if action is taken quickly.

The SMART Constitution’s Article Twenty-One B (21B), Section 55, provides for the scheduling of Special meetings, and through the scheduling of two such meetings, and the mailing of a notice to the membership, Locals wishing to elect additional Delegates to send to the SMART General Convention have just enough time to do so before the June 15, 2014, deadline.

For information on how to coordinate this approach, please contact this office as soon as possible by calling (216) 228-9400.

SMART_logo_041712_thumbnailInternational Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers General Secretary-Treasurer Joe Sellers Jr. has issued the following SMART General Convention notice to all local union presidents, business managers, financial secretary-treasurers and local Transportation Division secretaries.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters:

“As you know, the SMART General Convention will be held the week of August 11, 2014. The International Constitution provides in Article Seven (7), Section 3(f), that no local union or council shall be eligible to represent or vote in the Convention unless all dues, fees and other obligations due this Association are paid in full. In order to be eligible to send delegates to the Convention, a local union’s obligations for all months through and including May 2014 must be paid in full by June 15, 2014.

“You are further advised that the number of delegates and votes to which a local union is entitled at the General Convention will be determined on the basis of each local’s administratively accredited membership as of June 1, 2014. Accordingly, it is imperative that Local Union Financial Secretary-Treasurers and Transportation Division Treasurers have their May 2014 reports and official receipts or the Transportation Division required dues confirmations filed with the General Office by June 15, 2014.”


Joseph Sellers Jr.
General Secretary-Treasurer

View Sellers’ letter here.