A new year, a new start

Brothers and Sisters: The membership of our union spoke through their delegates last August and chose a new team to lead us forward in these challenging times for labor unions. We accept that challenge and pledge today — as we pledged in August — to move the Unite [...]

Must I see doctors chosen by the railroad?

FELA Update By Mark Allen Coordinator of UTU Designated Legal Counsel I frequently hear about injured railroad workers who are confused by statements made to them by railroad claims department persons or supervisors that if they don’t see doctors chosen by the railroad, [...]

Keeping your heart healthy will pay dividends

By Dr. Norman K. BrownUTU Medical Consultant “Doctor, I have this pain in the center of my chest, which feels like pressure or tightening. It starts when I am exerting myself or under stress, and subsides completely when I stop to rest for just a minute or two.” I [...]

Fatigue killing railroad crews

LOS ANGELES — When a Union Pacific freight train thundered into tiny Macdona, Texas, just before dawn June 28, the engineer and conductor had clocked more than 60 hours in the previous week, working the long, erratic shifts that are common in the railroad industry, acco [...]

Jump-start your retirement NOW!

With a little luck, and after a lifetime of hard work, most UTU members, whether employed by the rail, bus or airline industry, should be able to look forward with optimism to their retirement. Healthy and secure in the knowledge that their savings, benefits and investments w [...]

New hope for the sleepless

By Norman K. Brown, M.D.UTU Medical Consultant Difficulty getting a good night’s sleep has been a problem of men and women since the beginning of time. Stress, stimulants such as caffeine, illness and irregular work schedules all are well recognized by all of us as caus [...]

Early detection of colon cancer can save lives

Mammograms and Pap tests have saved many lives by detecting early, curable cancers at a reasonable cost and minimal inconvenience. Many more lives could be saved if there were more testing for colon cancer, which is a fairly common disease, but one which can be cured with a h [...]