Since 2018, Local 5 (east Tennessee) sheet metal members have been hard at work on one of the largest construction projects in the history of the state — and one of vital importance to the country at-large. The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Uranium Processing Facility, according to the U.S.

Department of Energy, “will provide new floor space and consist of processing capabilities for enriched uranium casting, oxide production, and salvage and accountability operations to support the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, defense nuclear nonproliferation and naval reactors.”

“This project continues to employ over 200 sheet metal workers from four separate contractors: CNS/UPF, Apollo Mechanical, Kalkrueth Sheet Metal and Geiger Brothers, with various support from CNS/Direct Hire,” explained Local 5 Business Manager and SMART General Vice President Chris Griffey. “The first sheet metal workers were hired in late 2018 and continue on the same project five years later. Many apprentices have topped out on this single project, and it’s expected to have a couple more years left until completion.”

SMART General President Michael Coleman and former General President Joseph Sellers visited the project in 2023, witnessing first-hand the skill and expertise of our brothers and sisters on a project that not only represents a huge investment in national security, but also improved worker safety, energy efficiency and consumption.

“Our sisters and brothers worked diligently throughout the pandemic,” Griffey added. “There’s no more a patriotic project, in my opinion.”

15 year pins. Back Row L-R: Christopher Griffey, George Painter, Timothy Ward, Tommy Fuller – Front Row L-R: Jason Andrews, Donna Knox

25 year pins. L-R: Christopher Griffey, Michael Daniels, James “Theo” Busche, Russell Newman, Tommy Fuller

40 year pins. L-R: Tommy Fuller, Ronald Taylor, Enos McLain, Christopher Griffey

50 year pins. L-R: Jack Huffaker, Tommy Fuller, John Stansberry, Darrell Triplett, Christopher Griffey

60 year pins. L-R: Tommy Fuller, Alfred Clark, James Keck, Christopher Griffey

70 year pins. Back Row: Christopher Griffey, Tommy Fuller. Front Row – Bill Bush, Joe Miles